Foursquare Lets Users Explore Locations That Just Opened

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Foursquare has added a new category to their explore tab that allows users to sort the millions of location available on the service in a fun new way.

Now, if you're looking to try a new restaurant or bar, you can see locations that just recently opened with a single tap.

"Want to find the latest and greatest in your neighborhood? With today’s iPhone update, we’ve added a one-tap way to find “Recently Opened” places in Explore. Just tap the search icon and scroll down to select it," says Foursquare.

This is the only update that shipped with today's Foursquare for iOS update.

It's a small update, sure. But it does highlight Foursquare's continued commitment to their "explore" features, which in turn highlight Foursquare's desire to move "beyond the check-in" and become a destination for local search. Last month, Foursquare redesigned its homepage to allow non-members to access the explore feature. Later, they shipped that functionality to the first mobile app (BlackBerry). For the first time ever, non-Foursquare-users could look up nearby locations and use the millions of points of data that Foursquare has been collecting through years of check-ins and tips.

Shortly after that, Foursquare introduced a new ratings system for locations.

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