Foursquare Adds Grubhub Seamless Food Delivery

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Foursquare not only wants to makes it easier to find the food you crave, but has now taken steps to help you get it to your face with the most minimal effort.

The company just announced that they have added GrubHub Seamless integration to their iOS and Android apps, as well as GrubHub Seamless is the product of a May, 2013 merger between two of the country's most-popular food delivery facilitators, GrubHub and Seamless.

"Searching Foursquare for where to eat tonight...from your couch? You’ll be happy to know that you can now find more than 20,000 GrubHub Seamless restaurants in hundreds of cities across the US without leaving the Foursquare app. Simply click on the GrubHub or Seamless icon and start placing your order. You don’t even need to put on pants (but that would be nice)!" says Foursquare.

GrubHub/Seamless compatible restaurants will have one of the icons right under the "view menu" button. From there, you can order your food and pay with cash, credit, or PayPal.

According to GrubHub and Seamless, the two merged to "create a combined company well positioned to drive more orders to restaurants, deliver a better experience for hungry diners and enhance services to corporate clients." In 2012, the two companies logged $875 million in gross food sales - so people are definitely using their services. Foursquare has been trying to push itself as a legitimate competitor in the local search and discovery arena, and little partnerships like this serve that goal.

Now, where are those pulled-pork nachos I ordered an hour ago?

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