Foul-Mouthed Kid Loves Hot Cheetos, Is Probably Yelling at You on Xbox LIVE Right Now

Josh WolfordLife

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This is a kid. If you have a kid, and it's not this kid, congratulations. Right now, this kid is probably calling you a queer on Xbox LIVE. When this kid grows up, he's probably going to make people feel very uncomfortable in subways.

Despite what the title of this video says, this is not the funniest thing ever. I don't even have a problem with the kid's foul mouth. F*ck it, he's right. Flamin' hot cheetos are awesome. But don't hate on banana chips, bro. They're sweet, plus they have, like, mad potassium. Plus, who ever told him to drink ketchup? That's just bad parenting.

[via HyperVocal]
Josh Wolford
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