Former GAME Employee Sings in Front of Closed Store

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Game Group PLC recently announced that CEO Ian Shepherd would be stepping down, and that PricewaterhouseCoopers would be taking over administration of the company. This came after months of failed bargaining with lenders to try and keep the company afloat. These were months that employees at their GAME and Gamestation retail stores had to wonder whether or not they would still have their jobs the next day.

Now that store closures have begun, a part of the story not strongly highlighted in the coverage of Game Group's demise is how many employees around Europe have lost their jobs. With hundreds of GAME and Gamestation stores closed, that adds up to many more hundreds of newly unemployed retail workers.

YouTube user Realoz, a former GAME employee, decided to use his unrequested time-off to compose a song for his former employer. In this video, he sings his song in front of the closed GAME store in Culver Square in Colchester, England. The song half-mocks and half-laments the company's failure.

From the video's description:

"So when I got the news I was losing my job, I spend the day grumpy. I also spent the day writing a song. Which I planned to perform outside my closed GAME store and video it and put it on youtube. So I did." [sic]

Realsoz wrote that this song was done in one take because security in the area did not approve of their hijinks. He also stated, "If this doesn't go viral I will kill myself..." That's not really necessary is it? I'm sure England has some very nice unemployment protection. Regardless, please do your part to keep this man alive by sharing this video with your friends and family, just in case.

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