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The final Major of the PGA Tour starts today, and it's an event that's not just for TV anymore. Sure, the bulk of the viewership will be done on Saturday and Sunday, but for those of you who are at work can't get to a TV this afternoon, there are, of course, a number of ways to follow all of the action from the Atlanta Athletic Club.

Naturally, it's a current Twitter trend, and with Tiger Woods actually birding his first hole, the PGA Championship trend was given a boost.

Tiger Woods opens the #PGAChamp with a curling birdie putt. About 15 mins ago, Phil stuck it to a few feet, bur three-putted for bogey. 41 minutes ago via Twitter for iPhone · powered by @socialditto

If Tiger has a good day, expect him to take control of Twitter. Speaking of, there are a some Twitter accounts worth following if you're intent on keeping up with the PGA Championship while at work, like the The PGA of America, PGA Tour, and Dan Jenkins for starters.

That said, if you're focusing on Twitter for your coverage, you're missing out completely. Over at, the entire tournament is being broadcast, which is good for those of you who may have to work--or be out of the home for the weekend. The quality of the online stream is about as good as you can ask for, especially if you're using a broadband connection. An example:

PGA Championship

Clearly, more and more sports are taking hints from the incredibly-successful March Madness On Demand offering by CBS. Year after year, it only gets bigger in terms of viewers.

It should be noted the PGA's video interface is not limited to the stream. Users can take advantage of a number of features including chatting via Facebook or Twitter, simulated course flyovers, a look at the leaderboard, and perhaps the Coup de grâce, by taking advantage of the Snap-And-Share function, viewers can create their own highlights. The technology is powered by, and it's pretty damn cool.

Users can share highlights, like so:

Three Under - via @PGA_com 1 minute ago via · powered by @socialditto

All of the highlights can be viewed here, unfortunately, however, they are not embeddable. Surprisingly, none of Tiger's under-par putts have made it up to YouTube yet, but that will no doubt be remedied this afternoon. Furthermore, if he continues a hot start, expect it to dominate the headlines, especially on Twitter:

Tiger Woods is on fire early. -3 thru 5 holes. watch live on #pgachamp 12 minutes ago via TweetDeck · powered by @socialditto

Later on this afternoon, TNT gets in on the online broadcast, which can be seen here. As the power of the Internet grows and grows, it's clear things like sports are not just for TV any longer.