Floyd Mayweather And T.I. Brawl It Out In Las Vegas Restaurant

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Floyd Mayweather makes his living from getting into fights as a boxer, but this time he got in one for free.

The scene? Fat Burger of Las Vegas. The opponent? T.I., the rapper. TMZ reported that T.I. "started jawing at Floyd" to which Mayweather replied "control yo' bitch." The rest could be seen on the Instagram video below. By the time Las Vegas Police Department showed up, both were gone. A Fatburger employee apparently was hurt in the fight but refused to answer any questions or even accept medical help. " In other words..." TMZ said, "no snitching".

According to E! News, the fight concerned T.I.'s wife, Tameka "Tiny" Harris, who was spending a lot of time with Mayweather and his team. Mayweather has been in Las Vegas for his daughter Iyanna's birthday at the MGM Grand.

Tiny and Iyanna shared their time together with an Instagram picture:

DJ Jay Bling apparently witnessed to the event, and he has been acting as a go between for Mayweather and the public:

It is unknown if Mayweather approves of Bling speaking for him. If he does, perhaps he should have chosen a representative that uses lower case as well as uppercase.

The whole affair has been broadcast over social media, but it seems like things have cooled down since then. Bling posted the video below to Facebook. Apparently Mayweather is apologizing for the incident. But was T.I. the victim here? No word has been posted on whether T.I. forgives the boxer, or whether he's still got a grudge against him. If T.I. wants a re-match, he may have to get in line with boxer Manny Pacquiao.

Image via Wikimedia Commons.

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