Florida Political Ad Suggests That Self-Driving Cars Will Be the Death of Grandma

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Striking memories of Maximum Overdrive and vehicles gone mad, a new Florida campaign ad hints that one candidate supported technology that will splay out old people in the streets. What's so terrifying that Florida's retired population should consider it in the upcoming State Senate race?

Self-driving cars, or course.

Florida's 22nd district is being contested by two Republicans, Jeff Brandes and Jim Frishe. Frishe is a fiscal conservative, who places a high value on raising educational standards. Apparently, Brandes is an irresponsible futurist who wants to put autonomous death machines onto the streets of Nana's assisted living community.

"Technology is great," says the narrator (who sounds like a elderly woman). "But driverless cars? Is this really a priority?"

During that narration, the messages on the screen says "Driverless cars for all: more dangerous than driving" and "Will driverless cars really slow for pedestrians?"

Let's just say that this is the first time I've seen self-driving cars at the center of an attack ad. Check it out below:

The ad was paid for by the Committee to Protect Florida, who says that their purpose is to "support and advance the ideals of protecting the interests of the state of Florida."

And it looks like Google is the enemy.

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