Flappy Bird Has Now Come And Gone

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Recently, if you have been around a circle of friends who have iPhones or Android devices, you have probably heard them ranting about a game called "Flappy Bird," an easily addictive but tough game that has just become a hot trend within the past few weeks. If you have downloaded the game on your smartphone, tablet, or iPod, you may want to consider keeping it, because the ability to download this game again no longer exists.

According to The Los Angeles Times, the popular bird-flapping game is now off the app market and now unavailable to be downloaded from both the Apple App Store as well as the Google Play app website. If you are unsure of what "Flappy Bird" is about, I have provided a brief description from The Los Angeles Times below.

"Users tap their smartphone screen to propel a bird through a series of gaps between green tubes, which look like the ones in the popular Mario Nintendo video games. If a user hits a tube, his character dies. The point of the game is to get the highest possible score, but "Flappy Bird" is notorious for its extreme level of difficulty. It's possible to score 9,999, but getting even three points can be a challenge."

"Flappy Bird" was originally developed by the Vietnam-based developer Nguyen Ha Dong, and the game made its revenue through online advertising. Even with the game's successful turnover ($50,000 per day), developer Dong announced on Saturday via Twitter that the game would be removed from the most-used app stores on Sunday(today).

Many would think that the developer would be disabling the ability to download "Flappy Bird" because of some unknown legal issue; however, Dong did reassure the public on Twitter that there has not been any legal issues related to the game and that the game will not be sold to anyone or any company.

The ability to not be able to download "Flappy Bird" has caused some crazy tweets:

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