Flameless Candles Are A Safe Emergency Light Alternative

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Flameless candles aren't very romantic, are they? There's just something alluring about the old-fashioned fire-powered candle. Unfortunately, romanticism isn't going to save your house when the candle catches the drapes on fire. To prevent fires, you might just have to give up the romance in exchange for some flameless candles.

Frux Home and Yard thinks you can have your cake and eat it too. It has created a line of flameless candles that provide ease of mind while also retaining the romanticism of traditional candles. The company does this through small LED bulbs that emit a faint yellow light that flickers like a real candle.

Retaining the look and feel of traditional candles is secondary to the primary objective of flameless candles - safety. Frux Home and Yard points out that many families invest in candles as emergency lights for when the power goes out. The only problem is that open flames can be a hazard. The danger is multiplied when children are involved. Even if you don't burn the house down, children (and clumsy adults) can suffer burns.

“One of the biggest benefits of using our flameless candles is plain and simple, they are safe. You don’t have to worry about fires or harm to anyone or anything.” said Mike McDonald, a representative of Frux Home and Yard.

What if you're into candles for the fragrance? A number of companies have you covered in this regard as well. Yankee Candle - one of the largest candle suppliers in the U.S. - has a line of flameless fragrances. In essence, a block of scented wax is placed on a warmer and the seductive fragrance will waft throughout the room.

On a final note, it's pretty easy to make your own flameless candle. If you're not into spending money, it's is a pretty good alternative:

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