Fiona Apple Heckled By Fans in Portland

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Musician, Fiona Apple hasn't had the easiest of tours so far (and her tour only started two days ago on Thursday, Oct. 3.)

The 36-year-old singer/songwriter couldn't simply perform for her Portland audience without them shouting hateful comments, constantly interrupting her set. According to the Oregonian, the star was visibly frustrated and bothered by the rude audience she was playing for.

With only two songs left in her set, a woman in the audience shouted out, "Get healthy, we want to see you in 10 years!"

In response, Apple stopped playing her piano and said, "I am healthy." She stood up from the piano and a bunch of expletives were then thrown toward the woman who first interrupted with the rude comment directed towards Apple. Shortly after, the house lights were turned on as the audience of Portland's Newmark Theatre shouted either in support of or against the 90's star.

The woman who started out with the comments was forced to leave and Apple returned to her music.

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Watch hit song, "Criminal" below.

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