How to Find a Perfect Audience

Finding a perfect audience of your tribe in order to more efficiently market and advertise to benefit your brand matters....
How to Find a Perfect Audience
Written by Brian Wallace
  • Focusing on your target market when trying to build your online presence can save you from wasting lots of time and money. With over 250 million Americans using social media, the internet is the best place to start when trying to build an audience, but there are strategies you can use to make this process easier. 

    Many People use Social Media in the Wrong Way

    This is especially true when they are trying to build an online presence. Oftentimes people will post the same content across every social media platform and this can prevent from gaining new followers. Every social media platform has a different audience, and this means that content needs to be uniquely crafted for that audience in order to gain traction. Sticking to only a few platforms and creating unique content for each channel can help you reach a wider audience and gain more followers.

    Once you decide the kind of content you want to create and the platforms you want to use, there are different phases that contribute to finding your perfect audience.

    Phases of Finding Your Perfect Audience

    Phase 1 is all about the environment of your content. If your content aligns with a specific trend that is happening, it’s a great time to start putting it out. Getting your foot in the door with trendy content can help to build a foundation, and then you can continue improving your content based on data. Useful data is collected over about 2 months, and this information can help you determine the demographics of the people watching your content. Demographics can help you determine certain likes and dislikes of your audience, which can help you tweak content even more to make sure you are marketing the best way to the audience you want to reach.

    Phase 2 is all about how you deliver content. Tone is very important when distributing your content. How you communicate with the content can help to build new audiences, and how audiences interpret your tone can be a deciding factor in how your content is perceived overall. The other important aspect of content delivery is the timing. Similar to releasing related content to trends, content can be more popular at certain times. You have the control when to reach a new audience based on trends or other important events. 

    The last phase of building your perfect audience involves emotions. It is important to not make knee jerk decisions based on audience responses  because this can do more damage in the long run. Use audience responses to make small improvements within your space so it is not as drastic but is still making your content better. If you are able to navigate the first two phases, it will provide some consistency within social media algorithms so that the third phase is less complicated!

    In Conclusion

    The social media landscape is integral in finding a perfect audience today. If you follow the three phases, it can be easier to learn the functionality of online habits and make reaching your perfect audience much easier. If you want to learn more about finding your perfect online audience, take a look at the infographic below:

    Finding A Perfect Audience
    Source: Bang Productions

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