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Tomorrow, November 6th, is election day in the U.S. If you haven't already voted and need to know where you should vote tomorrow, both Google and Facebook have tools to make it incredibly easy.

Google has provided a quick answer application built into certain polling-related search queries. If you search "voting location," "where to vote" or other similar phrases, Google displays a voter information search box above the results.

All you have to do is enter your address, and Google will show you your voting location.

They will actually take you to their new Voter Information Tool, which they unveiled about a week ago. The tool displays voting locations, times, directions, as well as ballot summaries dependent on area.

Facebook has partnered with Microsoft and the Voting Information Project to provide their own inline tool to let users find their voting location. It's called the Polling Place Locator, and it is available via the U.S. Politics on Facebook page.

Just type in your address, and let Bing maps tell you where to cast your ballot.

Google and Facebook are two of the most-visited sites on the internet, so these simple voter information tools have a real chance to help people find out where to perform their civic duty. And as always - the stronger the voter turnout, the stronger the democracy. Just vote, people.

Josh Wolford
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