Find Out If You Should Stay Until After the Credits with New Foursquare Connected App

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Well, isn't this neat. Foursquare has just announced that the After Credits app has been added to their list of Connected Apps. What does that mean for you? Saving time. Sweet, sweet time.

If you're not up to speed on Foursquare's Connected Apps, here's a quick refresher: Foursquare allows users to connect third party apps to their Foursquare accounts. These Connected Apps will then show users additional information based on their check-in, right on the check-in page. For instance, if I connected Untappd to my Foursquare account, it may tell me what beers my friends have tired at the bar I just checked into. Or if I connected Foodspotting, a small info box may show me what's been spotted at the new sushi restaurant I just checked into.

After Credits let's you know whether or not you need to stay in the theater, well, after the credits. With more and more films (like those associated with Marvel) adding extra scenes and teasers to the end of the reel, it would be incredibly nice to know ahead of time whether or not you need to stay an extra few minutes.

Now, when you check-in to a particular movie at a theater, the After Credits app will display this information right on your check-in screen, above the points section:

It's a small little feature announcement coming from the Foursquare Engineering blog, but it's a cool one. Off the top of my head, I can remember at like a half dozen times in the past year where this would have been handy.

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