FIFA World Cup Set To Begin As Controversy Looms

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Well, we’re on the threshold of a fresh FIFA World Cup. What should simply be a tournament about the best of the best from each country competing for the 2014 title is often overshadowed by a series of controversies and corruption charges.

This may be a make-or-break moment for the entire competition.

Firstly, there was the decision to select Brazil as a host nation for this year’s World Cup. Keep in mind, Brazil will also be hosting the Summer Olympics in 2016.
At least that’s the plan.

Brazil’s struggles to keep on schedule have stayed in the headlines over the past four years. Not to mention the fact that eight workers have been killed during the rush to finish preparations for the World Cup on time.

The inability to adequately prepare for the World Cup may signal to the International Olympic Committee that Brazil was a poor choice to host the Games.

If World Cup preparations leaves Rio De Janeiro unable to finish on time for the 2016 Olympics, some are hoping that London may once again be the host of the Olympics. Otherwise...the consequences of choosing Brazil for the World Cup could have the unintended consequence of ruining the 2016 Olympics.

The questionable selection of World Cup hosts has led to increased whispers of corruption. The controversial Qatar bid acceptance has outright led to accusations of bribery and a request that FIFA president Sepp Blatter step down as president.

In Brazil, there has been some political dissatisfaction over the decision to host the World Cup. Protesters regularly march in the streets by the hundreds, even thousands.

There are those who feel that the millions of dollars poured into World Cup preparations should go towards much needed education expenses and medical coverage for poorer citizens.

There is much mistrust and unhappiness about the World Cup in Brazil, and there are worries that it could prove disastrous.

Until the worst actually occurs, this is merely speculation.

For now participants and observers can only hope for a safe and exciting football spectacle that is remembered for inspiring feats of athleticism...not controversy or tragedy.

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