Fieri Skit SNL Didn't Air Takes On NY Times Review

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If you watch the Food Network--either obsessively, like me, or randomly, like normal people--you've probably seen Guy Fieri at least once. He's the one with the throwback spiky hair and the wardrobe that dates back to 1995 Hot Topic. He "drives" a red convertible around the country to find the best greasy spoons and is also the host of his own cooking show, "Guy's Big Bite". If you're a fan of the network, you've known about him for years. But many people are just being introduced to him, and all because of a scathing New York Times review of his Times Square restaurant that spawned a "Saturday Night Live" skit which, despite being one of the funniest things they've done in a while, didn't make it to air.

The review was written in the form of several questions to Fieri and made it clear that the writer hated just about every moment of his visit to the restaurant. Fieri responded to the write-up, saying he thinks there was another agenda at play and that the reviewer went in with intentions to blast the food. But it was SNL's portrayal of his reaction which is getting all the attention this week, as even the actors couldn't keep a straight face during the skit.

Amanda Crum
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