Feliz Navidad: Mario Lopez Does It Right

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When you hear "Feliz Navidad" you probably think of the song and may even insist on singing the remaining lyrics. To many people across the world, it is more than just a song. For Mexican families, Feliz Navidad is a way of saying Merry Christmas and like most holidays, it comes with its own traditions.

Mario Lopez knows all about celebrating Feliz Navidad and in his efforts to combine both the American and Mexican versions of Christmas, he recently partnered with Avocados From Mexico and will be sharing some of his favorite holiday recipes that can be made with avocados. Lopez celebrates Christmas with both American and Mexican foods and traditions and says that avocados are a great way to combine the two celebration styles.

"Holiday traditions, especially the foods we prepare and serve together, are extremely important in my family, and fresh avocados from Mexico are a staple in many of those dishes because they are so versatile," Lopez said. "With busy schedules, family commitments and so much entertaining to be done, putting together a tasty spread needs to be simple. And these avocado-inspired dishes are just as easy to make as they are delicious."

Lopez has shared recipes for breakfast, lunch and even holiday dinners. All of his recipes are available on the Avocados From Mexico website. Mario also supports the AFM Holiday Entertaining & Feliz Navidad program, which encourages consumers to incorporate Mexican traditions into their own holiday celebrations.

Will you be adding a little Mexican pizazz to your next holiday dinner?

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