FedEx Gunman Note May Give Clues to Mysterious Shooting


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A note has been found by investigators in regards to the shooting at a FedEx plant in Kennesaw, Ga. It is currently unknown what 19 year old gunman Geddy Kramer wrote. Cobb County police spokesman Michael Bowman told the Associated Press today that investigators have not released its contents.

“We do know the shotgun was owned by the suspect,” Bowman said to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. This piece of information was new to the gunman's father, Scott Kramer. Police have been hesitant to put a motive to Geddy Kramer's actions. “We’re trying to lay the foundation for what happened," Bowman explained.

Scott Kramer was similarly baffled. In a heartfelt statement to reporters he explained repeatedly he had no information:

According to the Associated Press, Geddy Kramer sent his co-workers running when he opened fire with a shotgun into the FedEx processing facility where he worked. He first injured a security guard, Chris Sparkman, before turning on the others. A manager yelled "Gun!" then began to apply pressure to Sparkman's wound. After two surgeries, Sparkman is currently in critical but stable condition.

Of the six people initially administered to the hospital, all but Sparkman and two others have been released.

The note currently held by authorities could help give understanding to these events. For the moment, his family remains as baffled as the public. "When he got the job, he was thrilled to death Then he got on full-time and he said he really liked it," Geddy Kramer's grandmother, Diana Mayberry, told the Associated Press, "He seemed like a normal kid, to me. I don't know what happened. I have no clue. I just don't understand it. They didn't even have access to guns in the house."

Image via CBS This Morning, YouTube