FC Bayern Munich vs. Manchester United: Predictions


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Tomorrow marks the first leg of the clash of Champions League clubs FC Bayern Munich and Manchester United FC.

It is also April Fool's Day.

The way Manchester United's season has gone so far, for many onlookers the jokes practically write themselves.

And yet some say it is simply unwise to downplay the chances of the former Barclay's Premier League champions against Bayern Munich.

First, it's possible the Red Devils received a crucial lift from their defeat of Aston Villa FC on Saturday. The 4-1 victory could make them confident of a mid-week repeat.

If not inspired by the win, they may feel obligated to match the pressure to perform well at Old Trafford following crushing home defeats by league rivals Manchester City FC and Liverpool FC.

Despite these reasons, I am predicting that the final score will simply not flatter Manchester United.

In fact, I'm prepared to say outright that Tuesday's game will feature one the season's worst home losses to be witnessed at Old Trafford.

Reason 1: Bayern Munich has already locked down their league, having been crowned champions of Bundesliga faster than any other German side in history. There's no domestic pressure to distract them from focusing all their attention on a full-scale away attack.

Unlike other CL sides that have an eye on the top of the table (such as fellow BPL side Chelsea FC), Bayern are capable of putting their full gaze on their opponents.

Reason 2: Old Trafford is not the terrifying fortress it once was. At least, not for bold and talented away teams. Many Champions League visitors play for an away goal while trying to keep the damage inflicted on them to a minimum.

It's very likely that manager Pep Guardiola believes his team can not only get precious away goals, but win and win comfortably. A confident, undistracted Bayern Munich can only spell trouble for the home team.

Reason 3: Last but not least would be manager David Moyes himself. Moyes is not the master tactician in need of patience and understanding by Manchester United fans. He has revealed himself to be unable to take responsibility for his failed tactics and inability to inspire or even lead the current Manchester United team. Their lack of faith in him is almost palpable.

There are really a number of contributing factors, but these are the major reasons for my prediction. To be honest, a 0-3 loss would be flattering. I anticipate total humiliation for a team that despite all the turned corners keeps running into dead-ends.

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