FC Bayern Munich Falls To Real Madrid CF In Semifinal Match

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FC Bayern Munich cannot exactly say that they put up a brave fight when they lost Tuesday to Real Madrid CF.

In fact, quarter-finalists Dortmund would serve as a better example of a Bundesliga team that truly fought to get to the next stage. Both teams fell to Real Madrid, but Bayern's performance was decidedly anemic for defending champions.

Perhaps the most disappointing aspect of this 0-4 home defeat, which amounts to a 0-5 loss on aggregate, is there was simply nothing given by the Munich team.

Not even a compensatory goal for Bayern fans.

It could be that all of the fight went out of the German team with the first Sergio Ramos header.

It was a beautiful goal that came in the 15th minute from a corner kick by Luka Modrić. If that didn’t crush the spirit of the Bundesliga champions, perhaps it was the second Ramos header which came a mere four minutes later.

All anyone can say is that there was clearly nothing going forward on the German side of the match and manager Pep Guardiola seemed completely out of ideas.

Any and all credit must go to the visiting Real Madrid team.

At this stage last year, it was Real Madrid once again missing out on a trip to the final Champions League game.

An emotional Cristiano promised the Madrid fans a CL final this year. To hold up his end, he joined Sergio Ramos in netting a brace for the La Liga team.

First Ronaldo scored in the 34th minute from a Gareth Bale pass and then once more at the very close of the game.

In the 90th minute, Real Madrid was granted a free kick dangerously close to the Bayern goal. A crafty Ronaldo simply waited for the wall of defending players to jump and kicked the ball under their feet. Bayern goalkeeper Manuel Neuer never saw it coming.

On the other end, goalkeeper Iker Casillas kept the sheet clean for his Madrid team. Since he has been allowed to play, Real Madrid have been much stronger at the back. It’s likely his efforts will help him see more playing time in La Liga.

With Bayern gone and Real Madrid through to Lisbon, it will be another day before we know whether we will witness a Madrid derby or a Mourinho vs Real Madrid grudge match.

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