FAU student threatens Classmates And Professor


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If she's not medicated, she needs to be. This crazy bitch lost her mind during a class at Florida Atlantic University and had to be escorted off the premises by campus security. I find the video very disturbing. All kidding aside, she needs some serious help.

I have included a video that was shot by a student in the class, but I'll give you a brief introduction to the events. Basically, students were sitting through a lecture on evolution when a young women began patronizing the instructor which only escalates as the events unfold.

She eventually leaves her seat, yelling obscenities and pointing her finger at fellow students. This leads to her punching several people and getting into a pushing match with another instructor who tries to intervene. All the while she yelling things like, "put this on YouTube", and "I'll fuckin' kill you all". So it was good times for everyone!

Take a look at what one student captured:

I can't wait to hear more about what led up to the events and what happened as a result. Unfortunately, most stories like this make the headlines for a day and we never hear any more about it. I'm glad this wasn't another shooting, but it's still disturbing. If your day is really going that badly, just stay home. It's much safer.

I hope the police take her threats seriously and follow-up with her to see what's going on. She could be having some type of breakdown and be in need of treatment. If she does end up killing anybody, it will be the schools fault for not taking action.