Farrah Abraham Supports Bruce Jenner's Plastic Surgery Pursuits

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Farrah Abraham of Teen Mom OG is a big fan of plastic surgery. Not only has she had several cosmetic procedures herself, but also hopes one day to pursue a career in the field. Abraham recently indicated her support of Bruce Jenner with regard to plastic surgery, too.

Bruce Jenner is, of course, about to undergo a transition from a male to a female. And regardless of how intense his transformation may be, he will no doubt undergo some plastic surgery. Many believe he has had procedures on his face and neck already. Farrah Abraham supports anything he chooses to do wholeheartedly.

“I feel like if somebody wants to do that and change themselves…that’s his own choice and there’s nothing wrong with it," she said recently.

Farrah Abraham also loves the notion of Bruce Jenner starring in a docu-series that will share his transition experience with TV viewers.

“If he has an opportunity to do a TV show and share his experience and hope for the better so that others who are in that same situation can relate and become more happier with themselves and not hide things, then yes, all the more power to Bruce Jenner," she says.

Alas the docu-series about Bruce Jenner's transition is on hold for the time being, so it seems everyone--including Farrah Abraham--will have to wait a bit longer to learn what his ordeal entails.

In the meantime, you can be sure that Farrah Abraham--being the plastic surgeon buff that she is--will share her commentary on any procedures the Keeping Up With the Kardashians patriarch undergoes in the coming months.

Does Farrah Abraham's interest in Bruce Jenner surprise you? Maybe she truly is destined to work in the plastic surgery field.

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