Farrah Abraham Releases New Music Video

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Farrah Abraham has been living her life in the spotlight since appearing on MTV's Teen Mom six years ago. She has been scrutinized for her parenting skills and excessive plastic surgery.

Farrah's struggles as a teen mother, raising her daughter Sophia, were documented on the show for years, and she has developed a following of 'haters' that constantly hound her for her mistakes.

Now, Farrah is getting back at those 'haters' by releasing a new music video called Blowin, in which she sings the lyrics, "blowin all these bullies away." The video shows Farrah partying with her friends, and spending time with Sophia.

During a recent interview with In Touch Weekly, Farrah described her experience with bullying, and how she is trying to overcome it. “I think all of the bully types I deal with … who are determined to be against me in my life,” Farrah said. “I want others to see they don’t need to be a follower or conform to what others think or do and let them live their lives to their full potential. I feel that to overcome the gravity of the negativity bullies try to portray on others, we really need our own space and focus to leave all of that behind and clear the negativity.”

Farrah explained that she wanted to create an upbeat song that will remind people to live up to their full potential. She says that Sophia loves the song and dances to it all the time. “I think the single ‘Blowin' ’ reminds others of that great potential in an upbeat song,” she continued. “I also want my daughter to be better than all the gossip and negative people when she gets older, and Sophia really likes the song and dances to it as much as she can.”

Farrah released her first album My Teenage Dream Ended in 2012. Each of the ten songs on the album coincided with the chapters of her best-selling book. Since then, Farrah has been focusing on one song at a time, rather than getting in a rush to release a new album. “I think if I feel passionate about a subject, then I will write a song and share with others who I know can relate,” she said. “Personally, music is a hobby, not my career move, but I hope others enjoy it as much as my daughter and I do.”

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