Farrah Abraham of 'Teen Mom' Dreams of a Career in Plastic Surgery

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Farrah Abraham is taking her love for plastic surgery a step further by planning for a future career in the field — well, once she is finished with her career in the adult entertainment world.

The Teen Mom is not letting criticism on social media deter her in her dreams to become the next Dr. Paul Nassif.

Farrah Abraham has long been a proponent of of cosmetic surgery and believes that if you've got the money, then you shouldn't be shamed into foregoing your dreams of a better appearance.

Her sentiments on the topic remain firm despite some botched lip enhancements of late.

While others enjoys a trip for a mani/pedi, Farrah Abraham seems to enjoy frequent outings to her local plastic surgeon to undergo a boob job or plumping procedure.

And now Farrah Abraham wants to trade places and become the one who does the plumping on others.

“Hopefully in five years I can go back to school. I really want to get my doctorate and I want to do plastic surgery. So that’s just something on top of all of the other things I want to do but that would probably be my end goal,” she told E! News.

But until she commences on her road to a while coat, Farrah Abraham will continue to promote her line of sex toys and write more erotic novels.

She also continues to nurture her relationship with boyfriend Simon Saran. Rumors are making the rounds that she may return to Couples Therapy with Saran.

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