Farrah Abraham: Mom Setting "Teen Mom OG" Star Up on Blind Dates

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Farrah Abraham, star of MTV's Teen Mom OG, has a matchmaker in her family--her mom, Debra. Since Abraham's split in June from boyfriend Simon Saran, Debra has been determined to find her daughter a new man.

During a recent interview with People magazine, Farrah Abraham dishes about the matchmaking, and what fans can expect during this new season of Teen Mom OG, that premiered on Monday night.

"You are going to see my mother dearest try to have me go on dates," she says. "I can only say it is going to be amazing to watch."

Farrah Abraham also explains why she hasn't found that "perfect man" yet--despite lots of trying.

"I am very clear on what I need and what [daughter] Sophia needs," she says. "I can't wait for other moms to see this because I think it's really courageous of us to stay true to what we need and not ever settle."

In addition to her appearances on Teen Mom OG, Farrah Abraham makes money in real estate and will soon release a new book. She says 2015 was her best financial year yet.

Sometimes Farrah's enthusiasm is a bit unrealistic, however. Do you remember when she wanted to be a cosmetic surgeon? Now, it seems, she has passed along that drive to make money to her six-year-old daughter. She says Sophia wants to "make a name for herself" in the music industry.

"She loves to do voice lessons," Farrah Abraham says. "I think she is planning to release a kid album for her friends. She is all about dancing, and she is just really happy so I think it's great and I'm just supporting her."

Maybe Farrah Abraham should get her daughter off TV and instill some practical ideas in the little girl's head. Perhaps if her mom sets her up with the "perfect man," she can leave Teen Mom OG, and do exactly that.

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