Farrah Abraham Is Not A "Horrible Person", Says Amber Portwood

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Amber Portwood sat down for an interview with Cosmopolitan recently and opened up about her Teen Mom co-star, Farrah Abraham, saying the two of them are close these days.

Portwood also defended the reality star after fans on Facebook began to bash her, answering a question about whether she ever wanted to "smash Farrah in the face" by saying she sometimes wants to shake her over her actions, but never assault her.

“No I don’t ever want to smash her in the face I want to shake her and give her a bear hug," Amber said.

Both reality stars have seen their share of controversy and battles--with their co-stars, fans, and the people in their lives--over the years, with Portwood reportedly fighting issues with drugs and her ex and Farrah Abraham being accused of lying over the course of her time on the show. Abraham has also been in headlines quite a bit in recent months due to her erotic novels and the adult films she made with porn star James Deen.

"Me and Farrah Abraham, we have a respect for each other. We understand each other. We know how we are, how we can be. You can't act like you don't know how Farrah is and you can't act like you don't know how I am. That's our relationship," Amber Portwood said. "Sometimes we've connected outside of Teen Mom. She's sent me presents for me and Boo-Boo. People don't know this, but she's not this horrible person. She's Farrah. She's been this way. Let's stop acting like we don't know who she is."

Amber Portwood says she's excited for fans to see the new season of Teen Mom OG because it shows a new maturity on her part, as well as a physical change.

Farrah Abraham, meanwhile, can be seen in new clips from the upcoming season yelling at a producer in a fit of rage, which may lead fans of the show to believe she hasn't changed much.

"I don't need to be a part of a trashy ass show anymore because I make millions of dollars doing other sh**. What a dumb, twisted motherf***er!" Abraham says.

However, she said in a recent interview that the show has helped her grow up and has "opened my eyes to let me know I needed therapy. From losing friends to having horrible relationships, it has helped me be a better Farrah. I'm forever thankful the show has allowed me the opportunity to watch myself grow."

Abraham recently took to Instagram to call out her Teen Mom co-stars--including Amber Portwood--for talking trash about her while they were all having dinner together, so it's unclear what their relationship is at this point. The reality star mostly divides her social media account between photos of her celebrity appearances and pics of outings with her daughter, Sophia.

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