Farrah Abraham: Helping People With Her Sex Toys

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Farrah Abraham of Teen Mom OG fame has her own line of sex toys, and she claims she is helping people by selling them. Farrah's 'adult' novelties are even made from molds of her private parts.

According to a report from Hollywood Life, Abraham believes she is helping both men and women with her product line.

“It’s the realest feeling thing on the market. I think it’s better for the world because men can control themselves. It’s safe sex,” she said during a podcast interview with the publication.

Farrah Abraham went on to explain how her sex toys are made.

“They are molds straight from the one and only…it’s kind of like a science project--the paper mache you used when you were growing up--it’s how they make the toys,” the Teen Mom explained.

Selling sex toys really isn't that out of the ordinary for Farrah Abraham. In addition to starring on Teen Mom and Teen Mom OG, she has worked as a porn star, and has written a trilogy of erotic novels.

What is a bit concerning about Farrah Abraham's intrigue with selling all things sexual is the fact that she is the mother of a little girl. The world that surrounds the sex toy business and the life of a porn star simply doesn't sound like it's conducive with raising a child.

Do you think Farrah Abraham will get rich selling her sex toys based on molds of her own private parts?

If not, she may actually have to study to become a cosmetic surgeon. Maybe that will be Farrah's fall back plan?

Kimberly Ripley
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