Far Cry Classic Comes To Xbox 360, PS3 Today

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Remember Far Cry? The original PC game developed by Crytek back in 2004 was the first game to introduce us to the veritable CryEngine that's now being used in games like Crysis and Ryse: Son of Rome. It also helped solidify PC gaming's superiority when it came to visuals. Now the original PC classic is finally making its way to consoles.

Ubisoft announced today that Far Cry Classic, a remake of the original with improved visuals, is launching today on the PS3 and Xbox 360. The remake has only improved the visuals and UI so those hoping for a major overhaul of the original title's admittedly dated gameplay are out of luck.

Alongside the release of Far Cry Classic, Ubisoft will also be releasing a collection of the title's far better sequels in a bundle called Far Cry Compilation. The bundle includes the divisive Far Cry 2, the universally loved Far Cry 3 and the absurd Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon. All three games are way better than the original Far Cry, but Far Cry Classic may be worth a look if you want to see where Far Cry 3 came from.

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