Far Cry 3 Trailer: Guns, Drugs and Other Tropical Island Fun


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Considering its predecessor, Far Cry 2, came out in 2008, the build-up for the third installment has been brewing for a few years now. Thanks a new trailer, you can now kick those anticipation levels up a few more notches.

Instead of focusing on Jack Carver, the protagonist for Far Cry 3 is Jason Brody, who, according to the Wikipedia description, is a tourist who has been stranded on a particular island chain, one that's filled with violence and all kinds of fun, drug gang-related activity. Much to the new trailer's credit, it is not filled with cutscene after cutscene--I'm looking at you, Assassin's Creed 3. While those kinds of scenes are certainly present in the two minute-plus trailer, a great deal of the FC3's gameplay is revealed as well.

And then there's the graphical presentation. While a good game goes far, far beyond good graphics, having an attractive setting to play around in is an agreeable feature, and FC3 looks like it has the goods, as far as looks goes, anyway. The water is sparkly, the environments were designed to look as lush as possible, and the in-game kills look violent enough to please most of the R-rated crowd.

The game is set to hit the stores on September 7, 2012, but Ubisoft is taking pre-orders. Those that buy the game on a pre-order basis also receive The Lost Expeditions edition, which, according to the trailer's description, includes two exclusive missions that offer "an additional 40 minutes of gameplay." While the Twitter reaction is still building for FC3, at least on person is excited after watching the trailer:

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For those of you who don't speak German, our Twitter friend is simply saying "Drugs! Sharks! Weapons!" and he/she is clearly excited about the possibility of these features showing up in the game.

H/t to Rock, Paper, Shotgun for pointing the trailer out.