Far Cry 3 Developer Gameplay Walkthrough Released

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Ubisoft loves putting out trailers, and today's Far Cry 3 trailer covers some of the basics about the game. It highlights some of the ways that Far Cry 3 will give players an open-world feeling not usually seen in first person shooters.

Far Cry 3 Producer Dan Hay narrates the video, providing context for the rather random assortment of video clips from the game. He claims that the new Far Cry is "pushing the boundaries of the genre," and that the game is imbued with "a spirit of exploration and adventure." Dynamic is the buzzword here, and it does seem as if Ubisoft has created a world players will be exploring and modding for years to come.

Then he talks about fire. If there's anything players have learned watching the previous dozen sneak peak Far Cry 3 trailers, it's that explosions and fire will be a large part of the game. Players will be blowing up stashes, vehicles, and gas tanks while also setting fires to smoke out pirates from their stronghold or eliminate large sections of foliage.

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