Fallout TV Show Teased By Bethesda Trademark Filing [UPDATED]

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Remember last week when Fallout 3's Erik Todd Dellums (the voice of Three Dog) made a series of cryptic tweets regarding a possible return to the Capital Wasteland?

"To all my #Fallout3 and #ThreeDog fans: There may be more of the Dog coming! Fingers crossed!" he tweeted. "How was that for a tease! I was given permission to release that tease, so fingers crossed."

Everyone assumed that is was simply teasing Fallout 4, and the fact that he would be back for it. Information on a brand new Fallout game? Hell yeah! Right?

Well it appears that there may be another wrinkle to what Bethesda is planning. Eurogamer spotted a recent registration with the U.D. Patent and Trademark Office by, you guessed it, Bethesda.

Here's how the trademark application reads:

Entertainment services in the nature of an on-going television program set in a post-nuclear apocalyptic world

I don't know about you, but to me that sounds a lot like a Fallout TV series. Adding to the evidence that something like that could be in the works, Erik Todd Dellums has been tweeting about the TV series rumor:


I am seriously curious about this one.

UPDATE: Agent c of the Fallout Wiki is reporting on the user blog that this filing is possibly just an extension of a previous trademark application, which would suggest Bethesda simply holding on to it for safekeeping. It seems that Bethesda did file for a trademark for Fallout on February 5th, 2009 as an "entertainment services in the nature of an on-going television program."

Meanwhile, Erik Todd Dellums has nothing to report:

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