Facebook's "Likers Gonna Like" Poster

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Facebook’s Toronto platform strategy team member Sachin Monga snapped a photo of a new printout adorning the wall of his office, set to remind employees that likers gonna like, as the social network files its IPO. The sentiment can also likely be applied to Facebook's Timeline, which has more than a few haters. The new poster comes after previous motivational printouts, including sayings like stay focused & keep shipping, and move fast and break things:

facebook poster

Facebook commences its IPO at 11 AM EST today, which Mark Cuban says might be the most important in history. Facebook's valuation is at $104 billion, a fairly ridiculous amount of money, to say the least.

One can only speculate what the latest motivational poster is specifically geared toward, and investors seem to be likers of Facebook's shares, as the company was forced to make more stock available, as it quickly sold out. Still, outside of all the intrigue and buzz, there really isn't anything in place to prevent the $100+ billion company from devolving into the next Myspace.