Facebook's 'Add the Last Link' Test Is The Most Annoying Thing Ever

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Facebook tests new features all the time. Many of them die off, some of them succeed. This one needs to die. Quickly.

Some people (a small set of iOS users) are seeing Facebook at its creepiest, and most annoying. Facebook for iOS is suggesting that users post the last link they copied to their clipboard.

No. Stop. Please stop.

Do I really care that the Facebook app knows the last link I copied? No, of course it does. It's the Facebook app. It knows more about me than my wife.

It's just an annoying, highly invasive feature.

The majority of the links I copy on my iPhone are stupid GIFs I'm sending to my friends, or dumbass YouTube videos that I've stumbled upon. Maybe an article I wanted to talk about with a friend or two. I'm sure this describes many of you, as well.

Look, if I wanted to share an article with Facebook, I'll do that. Most of the stuff on my iOS clipboard is dumb. I don't want to share John Cena GIFs on Facebook.

I'm sure I'm not the only one annoyed by this. I'm not going to take the it's an invasion of my privacy route. You use Facebook. Deal with that.

It's just a dumb feature.

Josh Wolford

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