Facebook Versus Google: Which One's The Better Employer? [Infographic]

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Let's say you're a whiz-kid developer fresh out of college and both Facebook and Google are eager to add you to their talent collective. What do you do? Which one of these Internet giants would you join as an employee? Well, before you decide, how about a primer?

What we have is an impressive infographic that looks at both sides of the fence, just in case such a decision is looming in the near future. After a quick once-over, it's pretty clear you won't make a "wrong" choice by picking Facebook over Google, or vice versa. It just depends on which one motivates you the most: The search engine king or the king of social media? If money is a concern, both companies take good care of their employees financially, with both offering average base salaries exceeding $100,000.

Take a look for yourself and see what you think:

Facebook v Google Infographic
Click for full size

After all that, if you're actually in a position where both Facebook and Google want your services, you've already won.

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