Facebook Updates Events With Impressive New Calendar, List Views

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In a move that was a long time coming, Facebook has rolled out an all new events page, complete with two equally useful ways to organize all of your date-specific happenings on the site.

The Events redesign was born out of a Facebook hackathon, as Bob Baldwin explains in a Facebook Engineering note:

Together, we built a new list and day view, and incorporated posts, photos and videos. We touched up details like making the Events icon dynamically update to today's date, rather than showing a permanent “31” as before. After incorporating feedback from an internal test, we were excited to roll it out and take our hackathon project full circle.

Today we announce a new list and calendar view that makes it easier to scan upcoming birthdays, invites and suggested events. Scroll through these events and respond to invites without leaving the page. Suggested events are recommended to you based on your friends, Pages you like, places you've checked in at and the apps you use on Facebook.

The new calendar view lays out all of your upcoming events, birthdays, and suggested events in easy to navigate grids. Hovering over any aspect of the calendar will trigger a detailed pop up, where you can join, decline, or navigate toward the event's page.

Facebook events new calendar view


Clicking on a square also opens up the events and birthdays of the day. From the top of the calendar view you can create an event, change the date, or even export your events to iCal, Outlook, or Google Calendar.

List view organizes all of your events and birthdays in a list, obviously. From that list you can reply to invitations and even post to friends' Timelines when their birthdays come around - without ever leaving the Event page. Each event is easily removable if you simply click to "x" at the top right.

A mini calendar on the left hand side assist with navigation:

Facebook Events, a feature that has stood the test of time with users, really needed and update - and this is a good one. Using the calendar view makes me wonder how we went this long without this setup for Events, it's that intuitive. Although there are surely tweaks to be made to improve new Events, this is a gigantic step forward.

Josh Wolford
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