Facebook Suggests You Give a Gift When a Friend Posts a Celebratory Status

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Facebook is looking to further promote their new Gifts feature by giving it a more prominent placement - in the news feed.

Some users have spotted a "Give a Gift" button attached to certain posts by friends - mainly when they're sharing good news such as landing a new job.

Facebook has already incorporated gifts into live events that are part of the official profile structure - we're talking birthdays, engagements, and marriages. Those kind of announcements will appear on the top right-hand of your news feed (on desktop) and inside the news feed (on mobile). Clicking on those life events prompts users to "Give a Gift."

But this is something entirely different. Facebook looks to be testing a system that would identify major life accomplishments (like getting a new job) when spoken about in status updates, and prompt users to give gifts in celebration.

When Facebook first launched Gifts way back in September of last year, I joked that it was the end of the simple "like" or comment being an acceptable form of congratulations - for anything. By working Gifts into more and more situations, Facebook is pushing for Gifting to become the normal way to celebrate a friend's life achievement.

Of course, this seems to be a limited test as it's not wide to all users. Facebook runs dozens and dozens of tests every month, many of which never see primetime. But since Facebook is looking for more ways to generate real revenue from Gifts, I suspect that this is a type of test that we'll be seeing more and more of in the coming months.

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