Facebook SDK For iOS Updated With iOS 6 Support

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Facebook released Facebook SDK 3.1 for iOS last month to help developers get the most out of Facebook integration. Unfortunately, it didn't have support for iOS 6's Facebook integration due to it being in beta at the time. Apple made iOS 6 available to everyone last week, and Facebook is following suit with an updated SDK.

Facebook announced yesterday evening that the Facebook SDK 3.1 for iOS is now available to developers worldwide. The major feature is that it adds support for native Facebook integration into iOS 6. Developers can now easily add Facebook login, Open Graph, and other sharing functionality directly into their app through iOS 6.

The new Facebook SDK for iOS also allows developers to integrate the social network deeply into their apps, even when the user is not on iOS 6. In fact, all of the advanced sharing features of the SDK are available on iOS 4.0 and above. Here's some of the features developers can take advantage of in their iOS apps:

  • Friend Picker to help apps easily pick friends.
  • Places Picker so apps can easily integrate with Facebook places.
  • Profile Picture control so your app can easily show the profile picture of a user, their friends, places, or other kinds of Facebook objects.
  • Login controls for easily building Login and Logout experiences.
  • The SDK also features a number a new API and better support for pre-existing APIs to make Facebook integration easier than ever. First up, the SDK introduces the FBSession API. It manages, stores, and refreshes user tokens. It also overrides default behaviors so developers can integrate advanced features. The SDK also features improved API support that minimizes the code needed to call Facebook Graph, FQL, and other APIs.

    Developers can grab Facebook SDK 3.1 for iOS right now. Those interested in getting into iOS development and Facebook integration can check out Facebook's exhaustive documentation right here.

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