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Earlier this month, we told you about a test Facebook was running that gave users a new type of news feed to browse. This new feed was called the Pages Feed and only contained content from pages that users follow - no content from friends. It wasn't simply more page content integrated into the regular news feed, but a standalone feed that users can access directly.

Now, that test has passed and the feature has been cleared for rollout.

Facebook has confirmed to The Next Web that they are beginning the global rollout of the new Pages Feed today.

The new Pages Feed will appear as a link on the left-hand sidebar on your Facebook homepage. It will also be accessible via facebook.com/pages/feed. The Page Feed offers you "recent updates from Pages you're connected to. Here's what it looks like:

Facebook Pages Feed

Facebook has been embroiled in a small controversy regarding their EdgeRank algorithm and how often updates from pages appear in their fans' news feed. Some accused the company of deliberately manipulating their system to reduce the frequency of pages' content in users news feeds in the hope that it would force page owner to use the Promoted Posts product. That claim has been rejected and most likely put to rest. Facebook's page promotion isn't a closed case for some high-profile power users, however.

Whatever the case, a dedicated feed of current content from pages can only help Facebook users see what they want to see. As a user, if you're not satisfied with the amount of page content you're seeing in your news feed, you're just one click away from what you want.

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