Facebook Provides Insight Into D.C. Employees' Jobs

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Last week, we reported that Facebook wanted to hire two people in Washington, D.C., and then dissected the official descriptions of the positions as best we could.  Still, the bullet points left a lot unclear, so it's noteworthy that Facebook provided some clarifying paragraphs today.

Adam Conner was the first member of Facebook's D.C. team, and a post he wrote for the company's internal blog was actually promoted to its public blog this afternoon.  Conner - who also deserves applause for being a Conan supporter - did a good job of explaining some of his responsibilities and favorite moments.

Here's one excerpt that reveals just how politically connected Facebook may be: Conner wrote, "The week of January 11-17 was pretty cool, helping to pull together the Global Disaster Relief Page in just few hours.  I went on vacation that weekend and was on the phone in Mexico convincing President Clinton to plug our Facebook page as part of the relief efforts."

As for the more day-to-day stuff, Conner described his duties by writing, "I get to sit in meetings with vaguely important and occasionally actually important people and explain why Facebook is like the wheel or fire and how not using it really isn't an option anymore."

It sounds like the social network's well on its way to being omnipresent in Washington, then, especially as it adds two more employees.

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