Facebook Now Lets You Post Images in Comments

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Your Facebook comment threads are about to get a lot more interesting or a lot more annoying - depending on your opinion of image-heavy threads.

Facebook is currently rolling out the ability to add an image to comments.

Of course, users have been able to add images to comments for some time now - but it involved adding a bulky link to the comment. This is the first time that Facebook has let users simply add image files to comments - free of links and whatnot.

As you gain the ability, you'll see a small camera icon appear on the right-hand side of your comment box:

Clicking on the camera lets you add a photo from your computer. Here's what it'll look like in the comment threads:

Images aren't the only way that Facebook has spruced up commenting as of late. Back in March, the new threaded and reorganized (based on popularity) comments went live.

The new feature should be rolling out globally on both desktop and mobile - so if you don't yet have the ability to add images to comments, just wait. You may/may not be sad to learn that as of now, animated GIFs don't appear to work.

Josh Wolford
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