Facebook Mobile Exec Emily White Is Your New Director of Business Operations at Instagram

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Facebook Director of Mobile Partnerships Emily White is leaving that job, but she's not going very far. Facebook has confirmed that White will head up Instagram's expansion as the new Director of Business Operations.

According to All Things D, White will work closely with Instagram co-founder Kevin Systrom in an effort to "expand partnerships, improve user operations and, presumably, come up with ways to make some money."

White has a history of working on monetization, both as head of Facebook's mobile partnerships and as a Senior Director of Emerging Business in marketing and ads with Google. Facebook stole White from Google back in 2010.

Here's what Systrom had to say about the move:

“I’m excited to bring Emily White onto the Instagram team. As we continue to scale our operation to support over 100 million active users, her experience with partnerships and business operations will play a major role in our future success.”

It's no shock that Facebook is making moves to monetize Instagram, which it bought for close to $1 billion last year. Presumably, White will work on finally bringing ads to the service. As you may remember, that concept sparked quite a bit of controversy last year when Instagram changed its terms of service to allow for future use of user content in advertising.

The lead photo is from White's personal Instagram account, on which she's already changed her title to Director of Business Operations at Instagram.

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