Facebook Mobile Climbs to 432 Million Users

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In an updated filing of their $5 billion IPO, Facebook has stated that they had 432 million people use their service through their mobile app. The original estimates were 425 million when the company filed the original documents at the beginning of last month. In addition to these new statistics, Facebook has said 58 million users log in exclusively on a tablet or mobile phone. These figures mark a 76% growth from the end of 2010, when Facebook had 245 mobile monthly active users

When you consider the fact that Facebook had 845 million active users at the end of the year, these statistics make the importance of their mobile market even more resounding.

In the filing to the SEC, Facebook says they anticipate the mobile usage rate to far out way the expected growth for PCs, citing their concentration on developing mobile products to encourage this. In April of 2011 Facebook acquired Snaptu, and in October they launched the app for iPad.

Facebook plans to take full advantage of these facts by introducing "Premium on Facebook", which will allow advertisers to post ads on mobile users homepages, Logout screen and news feed. According to Facebook, this is the only way they can justify the mobile version, citing their excessive expenses and unproven record in mobile advertising.

As expected, mobile ads have Facebook fans in an uproar. Tell us what you think.

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