Facebook May Notify You an Hour Before Your Event Begins

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Facebook is currently testing a pretty useful new feature that has to deal with notifications. For some users, Facebook is now pushing a notification exactly one hour before any event they're a member of.

To receive the notification, you must have joined the event via positive RSVP. That means you won't receive notifications for every single event that you've just been invited to. The notification will appear in your inbox alongside all of your other notifications (likes, tags, photos, etc.) and will tell you that you have an "event in __ minutes" and display which event in bold.

Here's what Facebook had to say about the test:

This is a feature we’ve been testing for a couple months with a small percentage of users. How it works is that people who RSVP “Join” to an event will receive a push notification and a jewel notification an hour before the event begins.

There's no word on how close Facebook is to rolling this out to all users - Facebook performs dozens and dozens of tests every month and not all of them come to fruition. This little feature would be nice though, as notifications can be pushed to your mobile devices. If you're out and about, an hour may give you just enough time to catch that event that you may have forgotten about.

Speaking of notifications, you're probably going to start seeing more and more of them soon. In August, Facebook announced the launch of the Notifications API beta, which allow developers to "send short, custom messages to [their] existing users through the Facebook notifications jewel." Developers are strictly limited to non-spammy non-obscene notifications, and users will be able to opt out of notifications with a simple click of the "x" inside the notification itself.

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