Facebook Logout Ads Leave No 'Experience' Ad-Free


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Facebook knows it has to impress investors ahead of its conversion to a publicly traded company later this year, which was the point of yesterday's courtship of businesses, fMC. During the keynote address, Facebook announced a new metrics analysis service for businesses, Page Insights, as well as Premium level accounts for businesses. There's also the clever insertion of advertisements into Facebook's mobile app. But, not to leave any part of Facebook unblighted with advertisements, businesses will now be able to monetize the logout screen that Facebook users see after they have left the site.

That's right: even Facebook's logout screen will have ads now.

Yesterday, Facebook Director or Global Marketing Mike Hoefflinger said that Facebook is allowing businesses to advertise on the logout screen so that users don't forget to get in touch with the brands they like. You could nearly count the grains of saccharine that dribbled from his words as he tried to candy-coat this rather shameless effort of Facebook to make money off of literally every single aspect of their site. But, it's Facebook's site to do as they see fit.

The logout page ads will work much in the same way that the rest of the new generation of ads will be used: you Like a business' Page and then become a potential target for any and all of that Page's ads. That basically makes anything you visit or use on Facebook fair game for that business to advertise, including the logout page. The opportunity to advertise on the logout page will only be available to businesses who have a Premium account.

So what was once this:

Will now look like this (given that you are a fan of Titanic 3D's Facebook Page):

How do people feel about this literally last-second attempt to beam advertisements to users on Facebook even as they're leaving the site? Speak your piece in the comment section below.