Facebook IPO Scheduled For May?

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According to the Wall Street Journal, investors can look forward to the Facebook Initial public offering (IPO) sometime in May. Though the social networking giant has not made it clear when exactly in May the offering will begin, they have stopped trading shares on the secondary market.

With the per share price already set and secondary market trading at and end, Facebook is still holding out for more time to file amendments to their IPO with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The last amendment to their S1 registration documents was on Tuesday.

Though we can expect the IPO to happen in May, there is still always the chance that will also change. If you remember, the latest news in the Paul Ceglia lawsuit has Facebook lawyers filing a motion to dismiss the case. Based on clear-cut evidence that the New York resident's claims to half ownership of the Facebook empire are a fabrication. I don't think a ruling either way would hurt the IPO, but things do happen.

This is the biggest IPO in internet history, and it sure seems like it's taking a long time to come to fruition. Hopefully there are no new scandals in the making.

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