Facebook Improves iOS App Distribution

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Do you have an iPhone app that gets traffic from Facebook for iOS? Maybe you want to start directing people from Faebook for iOS to your app? Either way, Facebook released some new tools for developers today that should make directing traffic to your app much easier.

For people who want to take advantage of these development tools, Facebook has detailed the process on their development blog. The first thing that developers are going to want to do is change the settings on the Dev app:

Enter an iOS Bundle ID that corresponds to your app

Enter an iPhone and/or iPad App Store ID

Enable the "Configured for iOS SSO" setting


The settings by default will link any news feed or open graph stories back to the provided story URL. App developers can link these stories to their mobile Web site or to an intermediate page that then redirects to a variety of options.

Developers can even have their stories link to their app or their app store page. To do this, you have to enable the “iOS native deep linking” on the dev app.


Facebook does want to remind developers that links in their stories should be compatible on all devices. Deep linking is an added incentive for app developers who want to link back to their apps.

The rest of the blog post shows the actual code that developers can implement into their apps that should improve the experience for their users and their traffic. Check it out and become informed!

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