Facebook Introduces Developer Updates For Photos

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Every week, Facebook gives developers an update on the changes coming to the platform through their Operation Developer Love initiative. Some updates are big, while some are small. They are all important, however, as these changes impact the way developers interact with the Facebook platform.

This week's update introduces some changes to photos. The first change is the addition of a new photo_src FQL table. This tool will return all the source URLs for various sizes of a photo. Using the tool, you can get images with the following dimensions: 960, 720, 480, 320, 180, 130, 75px. Check out the blog post and code documentation to see example code and how to get a photo's source URL on images greater than 480px in width.

The other photo change comes from page tab apps. You can now set a default image for your page tab app. This can done by editing your basic settings under your dev app. It supports JPG, GIF and PNG file formats. Images larger than 111x74 pixels will be resized, and the image size limit is 5MB.

Facebook Introduces Developer Updates For Photos

Facebook also created a new page for developers called, "Best Practices." As the name implies, it contains documentation and tips on how to get the most out of Open Graph and other Facebook development tools.

The post also announced the breaking changes coming to the Facebook platform on May 2. The first is that Facebook will be removing the offline_access permission. They are also removing the group_type and group_subtype columns from the group FQL table. Finally, they are removing the ability to claim domains with a Page ID. They now recommend claiming domains with an App ID or User ID. If you already have a domain claimed through a page ID, you have nothing to worry about.

As for the bug report: 280 bugs were reported, 27 were accepted and 11 were fixed. Check out the blog post to see the bugs that were fixed in the last week.