Facebook Home Has 47% 1-Star Reviews in the Google Play Store

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Well the reviews are in for Facebook's OS-lite "app family" Android takeover, Home, and it's not looking great - to say the least.

Since hitting the Google Play store on Friday, nearly 4,000 users reviews have been logged (3.955). And out of those nearly 4,000 reviews, nearly half of them have given the app group a 1-star rating.

Just over 47%, actually. There are nearly three times as many 1-star ratings as 5-star ratings.

Let's take a look at some of the 1-star reviews, shall we?

Not an intuitive app. Made my phone so frustratingly complicated to use that I uninstalled after just four or five hours. Unless major changes are made including an easy way to get to my home screen I will not reinstall.

Cool way to use facebook, but with no support for my other widgets, it limits my phone. If I wanted a single company to take over my homescreen appearance, I could use an iphone.

This home app is garbage! Sucks your battery down. Doesn't let other widgets run. And, to much stuff from people's profile in your face 24/7.

What the hell is facebook home doing? It's a homescreen that invades your phone. There s no way at all to access your widgets...can't see weather, time, nothing...what a big dud!

So, it looks like the major complaints are that it's invasive, doesn't play well with others, and drains battery. To be fair, there are plenty of good and even great reviews for Facebook Home - but the negative outweighs the positive in a big way.

As of right now, the average rating is a lackluster 2.4 out of 5.

The way the Google Play operates, reviews are only accepted by people wo have actually downloaded the app in question. So we can assume that the majority of the nearly 1,900 1-star reviews are from people who are legitimately unimpressed with the app. By comparison, the basic Facebook app has a 3.6 average rating, Facebook Messenger sports a 4.4 average rating, and Facebook Pages Manager has a 3.8 average rating. So far, Facebook Home is the bad apple of the group.

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