Facebook Hires White House Economics Expert

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A round of applause for Facebook's HR department, please.  Today, the company announced that it's managed to hire Marne Levine, who last held the title(s) "Special Assistant to the President for Economic Policy and Chief of Staff of the National Economic Council at the White House."

Levine, who should remain based in Washington, will now "oversee the company's interaction with governments and non-governmental organizations around the globe as the company reaches 500 million users worldwide," according to Cecilia Kang

That's bound to be a big job.  Dealing with U.S. regulators alone has proven tricky for Facebook at times; handling dozens different approaches to privacy (and propriety) won't be simple.

Still, Levine seems to be a good choice for the position.  Before joining the current president's administration, she was Director of Product Management at Revolution Money.  Prior to that, she was Director of Business Development and Strategy at Cibernet.

Then, to go back even further, Levine once served as Chief of Staff for the president of Harvard, and used to work for the Department of Treasury, too.  Which makes for a rather colorful - yet impressive - resume.

It should be interesting to see what Levine can accomplish in her new role.

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