Facebook Has a Link That Lets Users See "All" Friend Activity in Their News Feed

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If you feel that there's a lot of content that you're missing and you want to receive more stories on your news feed, there's a location for that. Facebook is now allowing users to browse a jam-packed news feed.

If you head on over to https://www.facebook.com/?sk=nf_all, you'll see a more densely-populated news feed that includes more stories from more sources. The link was discovered by Tom Waddington, who has a knack for rooting out Facebook tests.

I can confirm that the "all" news feed does in fact show more stories than the normal news feed (in either top stories or most recent mode). For example: In the last hour, I have 15 different stories on my normal news feeds. On the "all" feed, is have 35 stories for the last hour. It appears that the "all" feed displays more stories from pages, updates from friends, and posts about friends "liking" pages.

The "all" feed isn't truly an "all" feed, however. Inside Facebook says that it doesn't include information like friends liking statuses and most open graph activity (like the Ticker does). It doesn't automatically update, either.

It's unclear whether or not this "all" link is part of a new test or if it's been sitting around undiscovered for a while. Maybe Facebook is planning on adding a more comprehensive content option to the available ways to browse the news feed. Of course, the Ticker already displays every activity that occurs in a user's ecosystem (all likes, open graph actions, statuses, etc.). But having this type of all-encompassing option for the news feed would allow it to be more media-rich and definitely more visible. I've reached out to Facebook and will update this article when I hear back.

Facebook, as you may have heard, is under fire from some users who feel that their algorithms are diminishing the visibility of page content in their news feed. There have been accusations leveled against the social network that claim they purposefully altered the visibility of page posts in order to force users to buy promoted posts. Those rumors have been laid to rest, most notably by Josh Constine over at TechCrunch.

Earlier this month, we told you that Facebook was testing a new pages-only feed.

[Tom Waddington via Inside Facebook]
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