Facebook Gives You More Options To Wade Through All Those Notifications

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Facebook has offered users the chance to cut back on all of those pesky notification emails for some time now. All users have to do is to tell Facebook to only send "important updates and summary information" via email, instead of sending out a message every single time someone likes your status. Of course, you can still get all of that, you know, if that's what you really want.

According to The Grovo Blog, Facebook has changed the notification settings ever so slightly. They say that overnight, they began to receive email notifications tied to groups, events, video, and other categories that clearly aren't a part of the "important updates and summary email" subset.

The "important update" subset only includes notifications about photo tagging, payment confirmation, and security & privacy information.

It appears that Facebook has expanded the options for controlling notifications, now allowing users to turn email notifcations on and off for a whole slew of categories. Clicking on each category in the notification settings page lets you specialize even more:

Head on over to your notification settings page inside account settings to tweak your notifications.

A couple of weeks ago, Facebook began testing new notification updates that allowed users to silence certain people, apps, and events directly from your notification box at the top left of the home page.

As someone who already can't get through his email without missing something important, I can't argue with getting more control over our email notifications.

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